Dance the HULA! But do it in style with the Blloons HOOP! A luxurious balloon design you’ve seen first here in BLLOONS! The perfect ceiling ornament for any occasion! We made sure it will be easy to hang! Featuring a customizable hoop wrapped in sophisticated mini balloon garlands on the sides, added with a touch of preserved roses!

The BLLOONS Hoop arrangement measures approximately 3.5 ft in diameter

NOTE: Balloon inflated life span will depend on temperature / weather condition and how they are  handled and transported.

Warning: Adult supervision is required. Please dispose properly.

Disclaimer: Product photos are for illustrative purposes only. Actual colors may vary from PC/Mobile/Tablet’s screen monitor factors.

If you purchase this product you will earn 95 Points! Worth 95.00!

Choose the petite alphanumeric Mylar balloon/s. *

(Kindly ensure that you will only click the options that you would like to be used in the actual arrangement to avoid any possible confusion.)

Gold Petite Alphanumeric Mylar Balloon *

A (gold)

B (gold)

C (gold)

D (gold)

E (gold)

F (gold)

G (gold)

H (gold)

I (gold)

J (gold)

K (gold)

L (gold)

M (gold)

N (gold)

O (gold)

P (gold)

Q (gold)

R (gold)

S (gold)

T (gold)

U (gold)

V (gold)

W (gold)

X (gold)

Y (gold)

Z (gold)

1 (gold)

2 (gold)

3 (gold)

4 (gold)

5 (gold)

6 (gold)

7 (gold)

8 (gold)

9 (gold)

0 (gold)

Rose Gold Petite Alphanumeric Mylar Balloon *

A (rose gold)

B (rose gold)

C (rose gold)

D (rose gold)

E (rose gold)

F (rose gold)

G (rose gold)

H (rose gold)

I (rose gold)

J (rose gold)

K (rose gold)

L (rose gold)

M (rose gold)

N (rose gold)

O (rose gold)

P (rose gold)

Q (rose gold)

R (rose gold)

S (rose gold)

T (rose gold)

U (rose gold)

V (rose gold)

W (rose gold)

X (rose gold)

Y (rose gold)

Z (rose gold)

1 (rose gold)

2 (rose gold)

3 (rose gold)

4 (rose gold)

5 (rose gold)

6 (rose gold)

7 (rose gold)

8 (rose gold)

9 (rose gold)

0 (rose gold)

Silver Petite Alphanumeric Mylar Balloon *

A (silver)

B (silver)

C (silver)

D (silver)

E (silver)

F (silver)

G (silver)

H (silver)

I (silver)

J (silver)

K (silver)

L (silver)

M (silver)

N (silver)

O (silver)

P (silver)

Q (silver)

R (silver)

S (silver)

T (silver)

U (silver)

V (silver)

W (silver)

X (silver)

Y (silver)

Z (silver)

1 (silver)

2 (silver)

3 (silver)

4 (silver)

5 (silver)

6 (silver)

7 (silver)

8 (silver)

9 (silver)

0 (silver)

Choose your mini balloon color/s! *

Mix and match as much colors as you want!

clear with metallic
iridescent strips (latex)

clear with metallic
gold strips (latex)

clear with metallic
silver strips (latex)

clear with metallic
rose gold strips (latex)

clear with metallic
green strips (latex)

clear with metallic
blue strips (latex)

clear with metallic
purple strips (latex)

clear with metallic
black strips (latex)

Red (latex)

Maroon (latex)

Orange (latex)

Pastel Peach (latex)

Yellow (latex)

Pastel Yellow (latex)

Dark Green (latex)

Lime Green (latex)

Pastel Mint Green (latex)

Dark Blue (latex)

Powder Blue (latex)

Pastel Blue (latex)

Purple (latex)

Pastel Lilac (latex)

Fuchsia (latex)

Pastel Pink (latex)

Black (latex)

White (latex)

Gray (latex)

Gold (latex)

Silver (latex)

Chrome Gold (latex)

Chrome Silver (latex)

Orange Star (mylar)

Powder Blue Star (mylar)

Purple Heart (mylar)

Gold Heart (mylar)

Gold Star (mylar)

Silver Heart (mylar)

Silver Star (mylar)

mini balloon garland style *

Hoop Color *








Preserved Rose Color/s *

You may choose up to 2 colors of preserved roses!
If you do not want us to add preserved roses on the arrangement, for instance: it will be given to a male recipient, simply click the option “none”





Hangtag Message

Please be informed that we will be printing / copy + pasting exactly what is in this form. Card reprinting, once it has already been prepared, will incur an additional ₱150.00. We also hold the right to refuse any revisions 48 hours prior to delivery. So kindly check for typographical errors before sending your order.

Maximum 200 Characters

Special Request/s?

Kindly indicate if you have any specific requests with regard to the style of the arrangement, instructions upon delivery, etc.

Please note that we deliver between 9:00AM to 3:00PM daily. The exact time of drop off will depend on the most optimal route and sequence in our deliveries for the day. We can advise you on the estimated time of arrival (ETA) upon request.
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